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juvenile delinquency rate in jamaica

"These gangs are being formed across political lines, with the gangsters evolving into monsters with more criminal intent," said Hutchinson. The cash income available to the country is associated with increasingly high inflation rates, peaking at 10% in 2006 and again in 2008, high prices for basic foods, higher costs of basic services, such as electricity and water, and a devaluation of the dollar value of the currency. They give them the guns to go rob, and so on. Jamaica's geographical position means that it is susceptible to drug related crime, it’s not short of non-drug related crimes. "Since 2010, the established gang leaders have been captured or killed, and what has happened is that smaller gangs have been formed with less guidance for the young gangsters, looser rules of engagement, and more dangerous. The gangsters are using the youngsters, and the youngsters are much more eager to prove that they are like them," added McGregor. Jamaica Table 1: Incidence Of Major Crimes, By Parish, 2007-2009 Table 2: Major Crimes Committed By Parish: 2010-2013 ... Juvenile Court Statistics, 2005- 2014 Table 5: Prison Population By Sex And Status, 2005 - 2014 ... Crime Statistics… Four 15-year-old boys, three 16-year-olds, and 14 who were only 17 years old were also arrested in the year when 81 teenagers were killed in what has been described by Assistant Commissioner of Police Elan Powell as a worrying trend. - Educators Pampered, Saluted For Service, CDA Wants Laws To Prevent Child Abandonment In State Care, Traditional Education Must be Joined With TVET – Minister, Education Key to Nation Building – Senator Reid, Use child month to renew commitment to children – Green, Senator Ruel Reid’s Statement to Cabinet on Early Childhood Programmes, Government to Restructure Funding for Tertiary Education, Service Clubs Urged to Help Basic Schools Meet Certification Standards, Skills Training is a Valid Choice – Green, Assistance for Students Preparing for CSEC Exams, GRADE FOUR NUMERACY TEST RESULTS BY SCHOOL, 400 More Trained Teachers for Early Childhood Sector, Education Matters | Clubs And Uniformed Groups Key Allies In Students’ Development, Government to Take Over Private Early Childhood Institutions, Girls Create Innovations to Address Social Issues, Grade-Nine Students to Learn Entrepreneurship, Private-Sector Support for Social Bonds to Fund Tertiary Education, Montego Bay to Host Third Caribbean TVET Conference, Students Must be Included in School Leadership – Green, Students urged to explore computer-based careers, Union Gardens Infant Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Students, Teachers Urged to View Profession as their Most Valuable Asset, Government Making It Easier To Adopt Wards Of The State, Students Need to be More Aware About CARICOM, Early-Childhood Sector to Benefit from Mobay City Run, 50 teachers participate in workshop on special learning needs, Home Economics Education Plays Key Role in National Development, $60 Million Expansion Project Opens at Brown’s Hall Primary, Gov’t Spending $300 Million to Repair Primary Schools, Cumberland High School to Get Asst. Data gathered from a variety of sources indicate that after a period of relative stability in the rates of juvenile crime, there was a … Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Shay Bilchik, Administrator September 1999 Family Disruption and Delinquency Terence P. Thornberry, Carolyn A. Smith, Craig Rivera, David Huizinga, and Magda Stouthamer-Loeber From the Administrator Despite a multitude of happy excep-tions, it is a sad truth that children Other prominent risk factors for school-age children are involvement of family members in crime, academic STATIN’s survey programme begun in 1968 with the Labour Force Survey and has expanded over the years to include both routine and ad hoc surveys. In 2017, Jamaica’s homicide rate was 56 per 100,000; in 2018, the homicide rate dropped to 47 per 100,000, but remains three times higher than the average for Latin America and the Caribbean. Roll-Out of National School Leaving Certificate in Sept. New School Year Brings Opportunity for Renewal – Senator Reid, NPSC Receives Assistance in Home-School Relationship Programme, Education Ministry Deploying 100 Mathematics Coaches to Schools Islandwide, Education Ministry Launches Mathematics Development Programme, Walker’s Place of Safety to be Rebuilt As State-of-the-Art Facility, United Way Donates $1.47 Million to Six Basic Schools, Employers Should Diversify Job Requirements – Education Minister, Parents Urged to Start Saving Early for Children’s Tertiary Education, Furniture, Funds Already Delivered to Schools, Corporate Jamaica Urged to Support Brain Builders Programme, High School Students Receive Scholarships from PAEF, Education Ministry Stages Sensitisation Sessions for Parents, Seaview Gardens Primary Nurturing Young Scientists, Education Ministry Working with BIAJ in Preparation for PEP, Parents Encouraged to Help Children Focus on Tertiary Education, Education Minister Hails NPSC as Catalyst for Social Change, 50 Animation Instructors Trained under Youth Employment Project, Tertiary Education System Being Restructured, Education Ministry Urges Private-Sector Support for Maths Thrust, Entrepreneurship Classes in All High Schools September, Gov’t Providing $8.39b in High School Budgetary Support for 2018/19 Academic Year, PEP Will Better Enable Teachers to Design Lesson Plans, Education Ministry and Parent-Teacher Association to Stage PEP Sessions, Education Ministry Partners With Mexico to Preserve Records, Government to Train More Young Persons Through HEART/NTA, Education Ministry to Increase Promotion of TVET in Secondary Schools, Gov’t Increasing Focus on Skills Training, Retired Vice Principal Elated to Receive PM’s Medal of Appreciation, More Fathers Encouraged To Get Involved In Education System, PM Says Sixth-Form Option Provides Opportunity to Develop Leadership Skills, Schools Benefiting From Leadership Training of Principals, Distinguished Educator Recognised for his Service to Education, Education Minister says PEP will Better Prepare Students for High School, 600 Maths Coaches to Benefit from Book Merchant’s Training Workshop, High-School Students to Benefit from Hospitality Programme, Jean Hastings Honoured for Contribution to Education Transformation, More Children with Disabilities to Receive Early Stimulation, Senators Begin Debate on Child Diversion Bill, JSIF Hands Over Equipment to Protect Teachers and Students from Fire, Educator Receives PM’s Medal for Nearly 40 Years of Service, Non-Traditional High School Students Awarded for Academic Excellence, McLean: No Parental Aid - PEP Performance Task Will Challenge Students To Apply Knowledge, Green To Appoint Board Of Visitors For Children's Facilities, Ministry Understands Parents' PEP Anxieties, PEP To Place Students On Suitable Learning Pathway - Officials, Young People Encouraged to Acquire Skills, Ground Broken for Additional Classrooms at Immaculate, Govt Focussed on Equity and Inclusion in Education, All High Schools Equipped With Metal Detectors, Special Education Policy to be Submitted to Cabinet, First Transitional Complex for Children in State Care to be Opened In August, State Minister Highlights Importance of Sport in Schools, No Fallout in GSAT Results from ZOSOS, SOE, Education Ministry, UWI Partnering to Provide Teacher-Training Scholarships, Ministry Places Full GSAT Cohort In High Schools - Says Zoning Inevitable, Improved Performances in Four GSAT Subjects, New Curriculum for Intellectually Challenged Students, Youth Innovation Centres Can Help to Fight Crime – Green, Study to Improve Health and Well-Being of Children, Children Warned Not to Overshare Personal Information Online, Youth Employment and Digital Animation Project Moved to OPM, Grade-Five Students to Sit Mock Performance Task Test, Reid To Heighten Focus On Early Childhood Learning, Gov’t Enabling Greater Youth Participation in Decision-Making, More Children with Special Needs to be Reached, Education Ministry to Intensify Outreach for ‘Zero-To-Three’ Initiative, Education Ministry to Re-Introduce the Truancy Officer Programme in Schools, Gov’t Allocates $50 Million for Wheelchair Ramps in Schools Project, School Board Members Attend Training Sessions, New Facilities for Early Stimulation Programme, Government and Teachers Sign Wage Agreement, Government to Build New Schools to Tackle Shift System, Declaration on Higher Education Emerges from Two-Day Summit, Gov’t Looking to Create Integrated Higher Education System, Youth Ministry to Establish Access Points to Assist Youth, Decline in the Number of Children Reported Missing, $1.2 Billion Injected Into National Service Corps, Gov’t Working with Family Life Ministries to Establish Privately Run Foster-Care Programme, Dispute Resolution Foundation School Suspension Intervention Programme Yielding Success, Education Minister Cites Reading as Key to Primary Exit Profile Student Preparations, Multipurpose Classroom Being Built at Granville Place of Safety, CHASE Fund Commits $120M to Early-Childhood Certification Programme, Education Ministry to Establish Two Day-Care Centres in Each Constituency, Prime Minister Calls on Parents to Desist from Keeping Children out of School, Private Sector Urged to Increase Support for Financially Challenged Students, Young Persons Encouraged to Pursue Career Options in Geoscience, Education Minister Calls on Students to Plan for Tuition Fees and to Join JAMVAT, Bog Walk High Introduces Programme to Recognise Boys, Spanish-Jamaican Foundation Pays for Students’ Exams, Ministry Determined to Reduce Violence in Schools – Chief Education Officer, Greater emphasis placed on STEM deliberate, says MOE, 7-year high school programme to start September, MOE's special ed policy to be ready for September, Lady Allen Launches 2018 I Pledge Reading Programme, Mentorship Programme for Youth Exiting State Care, Review of Tertiary Education Funding Arrangements Being Considered, PM Lauds CAP Students on their Performance on the International Stage, Prime Minister Lauds Educators of Bog Walk High School, New $16M Multipurpose Building Opened at St. Augustine Place of Safety, Teachers Should Not Fear Pending Licensing Regime – Education Minister, Education Minister Expresses Condolences to Family and Friends of Late Eltham High Teacher, Education Minister Expects Improvement in Math Results, More Than 500 Young Persons to Be Certified Through HOPE, Ministry of Youth celebrates Jamaicans elected to Commonwealth Youth Council executive, More Teachers to Be Trained in Restorative Justice, Education Ministry and JCF to Stage Anti-Gang Week, Education Ministry to Embark on One-Year Maths Promotion, Affirm Our Children – National Child Month Committee, Jamaica Centre of Tourism Innovation Certifies First 150 Persons, Ward of State Among Three Recommended for Gallantry Award, Unattached Youth Encouraged to Register for Skills-Based Programmes, Mcclaren Family Hands Over Training Facility to Heart Trust/NTA, NEI report shows improvements in all eight school indicators, Stacey Taylor wins! Education of Juvenile Offenders Critical in Breaking Cycle of Crime -– Terrelonge Renovated Homestead Place of Safety Re-opens Primary and Junior High Schools Get $7.98 Billion for 2019/20 Rev. In an interview with JIS News, the State Minister also noted that fewer wards … The high security is for children who demonstrate a need for maximum control and intensive residential care services for example, the Hill Top Juvenile Correctional Centre and Metcalfe Street Secure Remand Centre. Juvenile delinquency statistics by state. «Citizens must be first priority, says JHTA - as it supports the Gov't's initiative to tackle crime, Editors' Forum | Curbing Clarendon's crime - Residents point to unattached youths as main fuel for murderous fire», Christmas sees top arrival figures since border reopening, ‘Unacceptable lawlessness’ - Attorney slams US for endangering marine life in blowing up vessel at sea, Rose Town man killed while preparing Christmas meal - Three murdered on Christmas, Boxing days, Attorneys question continued detention of boat crew in US, WAGE WATCH - Unions want transparency in salary talks with Gov’t, Open Arms embraces homeless for Christmas, thanks to donors - Centre hopes to secure more support to continue work next year, Farmers struggling to keep up with local tilapia demand - Green vows to make aquaculture a priority, Health sector could collapse if COVID breaches continue, warns Stair, IDB approves record US$21.6B in lending to regional countries, ‘The light will bring joy’ - Christmas Sunday brings message of hope for 2021, Digital Archives: Online editions 2006-Now. "The situation on the ground is very frightening. There are two types of residential facilities under the general rubric of juvenile correctional centres: high security and medium. In an interview with JIS News, the State Minister also noted that fewer wards of the State are being detained, because of the diversion programme being used in the court system.. … Id. Of these crimes, more than one-half involved a group of offenders. Jamaica’s police force is understaffed and has limited resources. For Powell, Jamaica's teenagers are in need of special attention as they are being attracted to a life of crime. Copyright © 2020 The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited. The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) has a rich history of conducting surveys and censuses in Jamaica. we should take every step in our power to provide optimum psychotherapeutic services to juvenile delinquents. STATIN’s survey programme begun in 1968 with the Labour Force Survey and has expanded … ... (GDP) growth rate fell from 1.4 percent in 1993 to -2.4 percent in 1997.11 Economic decline, in turn, has exacerbated Jamaica's escalating crime rates. Delinquency Cases Waived to Criminal Court, 2011 Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, December 2014. Two teenagers determined to hurt each other in a fight despite the intervention of a member of the police force. national law, juvenile justice and its associated fields (such as prevention of delinquency and conditions of deten-tion) are the subject of provisions whose comprehensive and detailed nature has no equal in the overall field of children’s rights. The OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book (SBB) enables users to access online information via OJJDP's Web site to learn more about juvenile crime and victimization and about youth involved in the juvenile justice system. HOW JUVENILE DELINQUENCY CAN BE RECOGNIZED IN THE TEACHING/LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. Gated resorts are not immune to violent crime. The rate is defined as the number of youths in the juvenile justice system per 100,000 youths in the state. Nine girls, including a 14-year-old and two 15-year-olds, were arrested after they were allegedly found with illegal firearms, while a 15-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly raping a woman at gunpoint. All Rights Reserved. Youth Crime Watch of Jamaica (YCWJ) is one of the 26 international affiliates of Youth Crime Watch of America (YCWA) headquartered in Miami. The cash income available to the country is associated with increasingly high inflation rates, peaking at 10% in 2006 and again in 2008, high prices for basic foods, higher costs of basic services, such as electricity and water, and a devaluation of the dollar value of the currency. Factors That Cause The Increase Rate Of Juvenile Delinquency Essay 1666 Words | 7 Pages. increased the likelihood of juvenile arrest by 59 Delinquency Prevention & Intervention 4. this time, the strongest risk factor for delinquency is influence from a delinquent peer group. Maths Teacher of the Year comes from Hatfield Primary, Education Minister Praises GSAT Teachers and Administrators, Every Student to Be Placed in Full Five-Year High School, Strong Support for Muirton Child Care Facility, $6 Million Donated Towards Rebuilding of Walker’s Place of Safety, Unattached Youth Programme to Be Absorbed Under Hope – 12,600 to Be Engaged, Specialist Spanish Lecturer for Shortwood Teachers College, Foster Care: Making a Difference in a Child’s Life, NYS Accepting Applications for HOPE Youth Summer Work Programme, NYS to Reach More Young People With Disabilities, Education Officer Says GSAT Preparations Going Extremely Well, Additional Support for School-Feeding Programme, Gov’t Working on Special Education Policy, $31-m Japanese grant to ease problems at Fair Prospect Primary, Black River High, Ground to Be Broken for Five New High Schools, ECC Remains Focused on Certifyng 300 Basic Schools by 2019, Tertiary Institutions Offering New and in-Demand Courses – Senator Reid, 103 Early-Childhood Institutions Fully Registered, another 300 Soon, Gov’t in Advanced State of Readiness for Primary Exit Profile Roll-Out, Education Minister Commends Japan for Assistance, G-G Says Education Can Take Persons from Poverty to Success, Education Minister Highlights Need for Skills Training, Grade-Five Students to Do PEP Mock Exams in June, Thousands of Students to Celebrate Jamaica Day Feb. 23, HEART Commended for Preparing Jamaicans for Technical Jobs, Education Minister Highlights Reduction in Youth Unemployment, $27.8 Million Earmarked for Education Sector Reform, Education Transformation Programme Gets $461 Million, $120 Million Allocated for Solar Project in Schools, $466 Million Allocated to Construct New Classrooms, Sewerage Systems at Primary Schools to be Improved, Gov’t Spending $30 Million to Further Advance Early-Childhood Education, More Students to Receive Tablet Computers, $80M Provided for Education Ministry Renovations, Over 800 Children Benefit From Early Childhood Commission Reading Fair, Audrey Sewell Honoured for Contribution to CAP, Quality Education Circle Launched for East Central St. Andrew Schools, Education Minister Wants Deeper Partnership with UWI, Youth Minister Appeals to Jamaicans to Protect Children, Government of Japan Provides $10 Million in Grant Funding to Buff Bay and Iris Gelly Primary Schools, 50 Environmental Wardens to Be Placed in Primary Schools, Students to Showcase Technical Skills at National Careers Week Event, Private Schools Encouraged to Partner with Government, Minister Reiterates Commitment to Take Schools off Shift System, Special Education Teachers More Marketable, Digital Mobile Classroom Project to Benefit More Than 9,000 Students, Education Ministry and UCC Partner to Assist Grade 11 Students, Education Minister Says Students Performing Admirably, UCC, Education Ministry Agree To Widen Access To Higher Education, Ministry Of Education Strengthens Public Awareness For PEP, Government Reaching Out to Unattached Youth, Education Minister Highlights Importance of Jamaica Day, Young People to Be Trained for Jobs in Manufacturing and Export Sectors, Maths Improvement Programme Being Piloted in Five Primary Schools, Education Ministry Working With OAS to Establish Youth Innovation Centres, ECC Reports Success with Reading Projects, Education Ministry Looking to Offer More Science Scholarships, Clarendon Schools to Receive Funds for Improvement Works, Education Minister Wants Infant Department in Every Primary School, Additional Support for Jack’s Hill Primary, Gov’t Provides Counselling, Relief Supplies in Wake of Fire, Grade Four Test results in rural schools show literacy surpassing numeracy, Literacy, numeracy results show girls outmastering boys, Education Minister Wants Bus System for Students in All Parishes, Grooming and Nutrition Policy for Schools to Be Outlined, CXC trains teachers for green engineering subject, Physical Activity Must Be Incorporated into Teaching, Senator the Hon. The Government of Jamaica (GoJ) has created a four year National Plan of Action for Child Justice (2010 to 2014). Currently, violence is the fourth leading cause of premature death in Jamaica after diabetes, stroke and heart disease [1]. Ronald Thwaites, Minister of Education, Ministry Launches Grade Four Tests TV Programme, Ministry To Increase Transfer of GSAT Students Due to Distance, Ministry Commends Schools on Preparation for Grade Four Tests, Challenge Issued to Global Teacher Trainers, Education Ministry Bans Disruptive Game From Schools, Junior Achiever Calls on Public and Private Sectors to Support Youth, Education Ministry Focuses on Resocialisation at Grade 7, Industry Leaders to Spur Growth of STEM Academies, Educators Trained in Positive Behaviour Management System, High School Deans of Discipline Upgrade Skills, Parents Empowered to Care for Children with Special Needs, Students with Special Needs Accommodated at GSAT Exams, SEVEN JAMAICAN STUDENTS AWARDED SCHOLARSHIPS, Education Ministry distributes literacy books to 800 schools, Minister Praises Staff, Stakeholders for Achievements by the Education Sector, Ministry Steps up Training for Potential School Principals, Ministry Updates Public on Plans to Administer GSAT, Education Ministry Aiming for Full Compliance with Procurement Procedures, Education Ministry Condemns Match Fixing and Trading of Athletes, Education Ministry Says No to Screening Students for CSEC, © 2020, Government of Jamaica. Youth Crime Watch of Jamaica (YCWJ) is one of the 26 international affiliates of Youth Crime Watch of America (YCWA) headquartered in Miami. West Virginia, Wyoming, Oregon, Alaska, and South Dakota have the highest juvenile custody rates, according to The Sentencing Project. Unfortunately, how­ ever. Managing Director of the National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica (EXIM Bank), Lisa Bell (left), presents a cheque for $310,000 to Vice Principal of The Salvation Army School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Sherine Gordon (right), during the Bank’s ‘Carolling in the Courtyard’ event on Tuesday (December 11). Jamaica, the so-called land of wood and water, normally is the embodiment of a dream holiday destination with white sandy beaches, tropical palm trees, dazzling sunshine and the typical Caribbean flair. This is one of the major causes of juvenile crime, particularly violent juvenile crime. Documentation, Information & Access Services Unit, Human Resource Management and Administration Division ›, About Human Resource Management and Administration Division, Schools’ Personnel and Administrative Services Unit, Policy Analysis, Research and Statistics Unit, Project Management and Technical Services Division ›, About Project Management and Technical Services Division, Independent Tertiary Institutions Contact Information Form, Doing Business with the Ministry of Education, National Curriculum Pilot 2014-2016 Forum, Professional Registry - Special Education, No Covid 19 signs or positive cases among students / teachers in face-face pilot programme, Thirty (30) receive PM’s Youth Awards for Excellence in Ten Categories, Major Changes Coming to Adoption process and dealing with abandoned babies, Education Minister Urges Well-Thinking Jamaicans To Adhere To COVID-19 Safeguards, 35 Principals Trained In Inclusive School Leadership, CPFSA Gets Tablets From USAID For Children In State Care, Education Ministry Partners With Microsoft, NATIONAL STUDENT REGISTRATION PROGRAMME - REMINDERS, Evaluation Of Pilot Face-To-Face Classes Favourable, Lucea and Sandy Bay Primary Students Receive Tablets, 887 Students From Nine West Kingston Schools Get Tablets, Education Ministry’s Own Your Own Device (OYOD) programme now live, Education Ministry addresses technical issues with launch of Own Your Own Device (OYOD) programme, 21 Rural Basic Schools Get Donation Of Supplies From Usain Bolt Foundation, Education Ministry Exploring Opening More Schools under the E-COVID-19 Face-to-Face Classroom Pilot, Titchfield High School Driveway Named In Honour Of Late Former Principal – Lloyd O. Chin, Bad weather delays planned face-to-face pilot reopening of schools, Focus on Fathers During National Parent Month, REQUEST TO COMPLETE DISTANCE MODALITY DATA SHEET, Education Ministry Launches ‘One Laptop or Tablet Per Child’ Initiative, Ten Teacher Training Institutions to Benefit from Capacity Building Project, Education Stakeholders Encouraged to Embrace Technology, Blended Approach to Learning Will Become a Feature of the School System, 213 Tablets Handed Over to Students in Portland, Gov’t Working on COVID Response Technology Plan, Clarification on Face-to-Face Instructions by Independent Schools, 146 Tablets for Holy Family Infant and Primary School, PATH Students at Two St. Ann Primary Schools Receive Tablets, Minister Says Jamaicans Need to Place More Emphasis on Formal Education, Education Ministry disburses $1.4 Billion to primary and secondary schools, Students to begin at-home lessons October 5, Education Minister consoles family of dead Rousseau Primary Grade 3 student, Education Minister Calls for Investigation into Exam Anomalies, Demographic Data and Geoinformatics to Drive School Reopening, Education Ministry to set up E-Covid Management Task Force, Students encouraged to get familiar with Google Suite Learning Management System, HOME-SCHOOLING DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ________________________________________________________________, NCEL Prepares School Leaders To Implement COVID-19 Protocols, Primary schools to receive $50m to procure tablets for needy students, The Honourable Fayval Williams appointed Minister of Education, Youth and Information, MoEYI / LASCO Principal & Teacher of the Year 2020 - 2021, Acting Permanent Secretary Says All Schools Receiving Attention, Nominations Open For PM’s National Youth Awards For Excellence, COVID-19 Risk assessment to assist in informing decision on reopening of schools, Jamaican teachers in Middle East providing support for CSEC students, NATIONAL IMMUNIZATION AND MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS, Full Resumption For Hundreds Of Schools In September, Education Ministry to Undertake Phased Introduction of Electronic Textbooks, Early Childhood Sector Stakeholders Receive COVID-19 Protocols Training, ADMINISTRATION OF JAMAICA SCHOOL CERTIFICATE 2020, CAREER ADVANCEMENT PROGRAMME – SIXTH FORM PROGRAMME, Education Ministry To Spend $567 Million For Infrastructural Projects, Our children must not be discriminated against, or deprived of their right to an education on the basis of their hairstyle,” – Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Government Procuring Laptops And Tablets For PATH Students, Buckingham Primary And Infant School Gets Water Tank, BACK TO SCHOOL PARENT ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS, HEART/NSTA Trust To Offer New Optoelectronics Programme, Education Ministry To Establish Learning Management System, Overseas Examinations Commission To Administer NCTVET Exams, National Parenting Support Commission Hosting Back-to-School Information Sessions, APPROVED CURRICULUM MODELS TO SUPPORT TEACHING AND LEARNING FOR THE NEW ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/2021 ________________________________________________________________, PHASED RESUMPTION PLANS FOR THE REOPENING OF SCHOOL FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/2021, $5,000 Limit On High-School Registration Packages, St. Thomas Teachers Pleased To Receive Computers, Early-Childhood Institutions To Get Sanitization Grant, Tablets Of Teachers Programme Rolls Out Tuesday, All Students Eligible To Sit PEP Placed In High School, Teacher Develops Aids To Support Distance Learning, PEP 2020 results available Friday afternoon, Anchovy High Assisting Grade Seven Students, Parents Helping Children Navigate Distance Learning, William Knibb High Places Emphasis On Mental Health Of Students, CITY & GUILDS OFFERS INNOVATIVE SOLUTION TO COVID-AFFECTED STUDENT GRADING ASSESSMENTS, ONE ON ONE ONLINE REFRESHER CLASSES TO SUPPORT CSEC & CAPE STUDENTS, Smooth Restart To School Term At Calabar And KC, 40,000 Tablet Computers For Needy Students, Measures In Place At Trelawny High Schools To Protect Students And Staff, Education State Minister Praises Bridgeport High Ancillary Staff, TRANSPORTATION PLAN TO SUPPORT THE REOPENING OF HIGH SCHOOLS, Schools Reopen For CSEC And CAPE Students June 8, 500 School Leaders Take Part In VIL Online Course, Child Month Challenging But Showed Resilience Of Children – Terrelonge, MoEYI mourns passing of retired principal of Immaculate High School, Sister Angella Harris, PROGRESSION OF STUDENTS AT THE EARLY CHILDHOOD, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY LEVELS, ACCESS TO ZERO-RATED WEBSITES – ADDITIONAL INSTITUTIONS, Parents Urged To Educate Children About Dangers Of Digital Media, EXTENSION OF SCHOOL CLOSURE FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2019/2020, PREPARATIONS FOR THE SITTING OF EXIT EXAMINATIONS, UNICEF Jamaica Donates Supplies To Childcare Facilities, CXC Says Safety And Well-Being Of Stakeholders Is First Priority, Teachers At Infant School In Mobay Celebrate The Children, REGISTRATION OF STUDENTS AT THE GRADE ONE LEVEL, Pickney Party For National Children’s Day On Friday, KSAMC Junior Council Launches Campaign To Assist Students Impacted By COVID-19, Kids In Spotlight For National Children’s Day, Education Ministry Signs MOU To Enhance Learning For All Children, PM Supports Initiative by Little Bay Primary to Deliver Worksheets to Students, Postal Service To Help Deliver Tablets For Teachers, Child Protection And Family Services Agency Gets Technology Boost, Parents Warned To Keep Harmful Chemicals Out Of The Reach Of Children, Educator Says Parents Must Collaborate With Teachers, Young Entrepreneur Making Significant Strides With Revolutionised Online Education, STETHS Assists Parents Hard Hit by COVID-19, NPSC Establishes 36 Helplines to Assist Parents, UPDATED EXTENSION OF EASTER HOLIDAY SCHOOL CLOSURE, Education Ministry saddened by murder of VP-Excelsior High School, NPSC launches special helplines initiative for parents, National Library Helping Students Prepare For Exams, Parents of PATH Students To Be Given Cash To Prepare Breakfast And Lunch, School Principals Urged To Access Leadership Training Online, Education Ministry To Provide Nutritional Support To PATH Students Amid School Closure, Parents Urged To Provide Structure For Students At Home, Karl Samuda Thanks School Administrators, Teachers And Partners As MoEYI Rolls Out Home-schooling Programme, Education Ministry Partners With RJRGLEANER Communications Group To Provide Educational Content To Students, MoEYI teams Up With restaurants, ODPEM To Distribute Food To PATH Students, Government To Establish Six New Stem High Schools, Prime Minister Calls For Public Adherence To Curtail Spread Of COVID-19, 65,000 Tablets Being Procured For Schools, Teachers, PM Says COVID-19 Has Made Tremendous Impact On Country, Fair Prospect Primary Gets Two New Classrooms, Students And Teachers Take Part In Heritage Expo, Rainwater Harvesting Systems to be Installed at 30 Additional Schools, HEART/NTA Better Positioned To Drive Human Capital Development, PHOTOS: Minister Samuda With Teacher In Hospital, No Shortage Of Textbooks Or Furniture In Schools, $7-Million Rainwater Harvesting System Installed At Enid Bennett High, Education Ministry to Adopt and Expand ‘Inclusion Model’ in Schools, PISA to reveal how Jamaican high school students stack up on world stage, Gov’t Committed To Levelling Playing Field For Secondary Education, Jamaica To Participate In UN World’s Largest Lesson, University of The Commonwealth Caribbean Opens Innovation Centre, JSIF Spearheading Projects to Boost Special Education, National Mathematics Teacher Of The Year Competition, School Administrators to be Trained to Better Serve Special Needs Students, Boys Attend Three-Day Mentorship Programme, Teachers Receiving Specialised Training To Rectify Student Learning Challenges, 120 Teachers Targeted For Training To Address Learning Disorders, Schools Must Get Permission To Use Electronic System To Get Biometric Data – Samuda, Four More Schools To Be Removed From Shift, Women’s Centre Improves Programme Offerings, Education Ministry Allocates Over $600 Million to Pay Examination Fees for Path Students, Gov’t Awards 47 Scholarships to Needy Medical Students, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Weekly Update, Education Ministry Expects Smooth Start to New School Year, Portland School Gets $343,350 from Canadian Charity, Samuda Says Education Officers Have Important Role to Play, JAD Encourages Greater Utilisation of Schools for Children With Hearing Challenges, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Weekly Update, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Tertiary and Employment Fair, All in Place for Smooth Start to School Year – Dr. McLean, Teachers to Participate in Math Workshop August 21-23, No Child Should Be Denied Education Due To Fees – PM, Male Students Outperform Females in Four CSEC Subjects, More than 170 specialist Math, Science teachers complete training; available for jobs - Education Ministry, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Updates, Education Ministry to Provide Textbooks to Support National Standards Curriculum, 70,000 Students to Benefit From Breakfast Programme, Gov’t to Address Needs at Primary and Secondary Schools, Work Continues to Eliminate Shift and Ease Overcrowding in Schools, Education Ministry to Save $9 Million Annually on Electricity Bill, 4,000 Students to Benefit from Literacy and Numeracy Interventions, State Minister Praises Administrators of Edufocal Online Learning Platform, PM Hails Improvements at Seaward Primary and Junior High, School Administrators Urged to Take Steps to Eliminate Sexual Harassment, Minister Terrelonge steps in to assist "Baby Genius” Soul-Heart, Educators Encouraged to Safeguard Rights of Children, Government Facilitates Inclusive Education System for All Children – PM, Education Ministry Rejects False Claims of CMU Documents Shredding, Education Ministry Denies Erroneous Gleaner CAP Report, Education Ministry To Conduct Review Of Educational Psychologists, Encouraging Innovation With The Primary Exit Profile, CSJP Provides $9 Million for Youth Activities This Summer, 90 Trained Under Aspiring Principals Programme, Parents Encouraged to Enforce Dress Code for Students, Lady Allen Encourages Young People to Think Big, Young People Encouraged to Use Their Time Wisely, Guy’s Hill High Student NCMC Top Academic Achievement Award Winner, Student Establishing Education Foundation Receives GG’s Achievement Award, Special Education Unit Established at Chetolah Park Primary, Church Commended for Role in Educating Children, Educators Hailed for Commitment to Nation’s Children, More Inclusion of Youth and Technology in Development of Creative Industries, National Plan of Action for Integrated Response to Children and Violence Approved, Education of Juvenile Offenders Critical in Breaking Cycle of Crime -– Terrelonge, Renovated Homestead Place of Safety Re-opens, Primary and Junior High Schools Get $7.98 Billion for 2019/20, 63 Per Cent of Students Show Proficiency in Social Studies, Systems to Be Established to Guarantee Equity in Education Sector, Improvement in Literacy and Numeracy at Gregory Park Primary, Political Interference will not be Tolerated in the Education System – Samuda, Education and Community Engagement Play a Major Role in Fighting Crime, Educators Commended for Preparing First PEP Students, Every Child Must Be Given Equal Opportunity to Learn – Samuda, Parents to Access Student Summary Report for PEP, More Emphasis Should be Placed on Maths and Science – Samuda, PEP Results Out by End of Third Week In June, Schools to Receive $5 Million Per Year for Minor Repairs, NCEL and UNICEF Partner to Create More Child-Friendly Schools, 230 Schools to Begin Preparations for Primary Specialist Model September, $6m Pumped Into Initiative For More Child-Friendly Schools, Parents Must Ensure That Children Eat Healthy Foods – Terrelonge, Draft Special Education Policy Submitted to Cabinet, Education Ministry Saddened by passing of Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga, Grade-Four Students to Sit PEP Performance Task Test May 30 and 31, Gov’t Committed to Strengthening TVET – Terrelonge, UNICEF to Increase Spending for Road Safety Campaign, Gov’t Committed to the Training and Development of Teachers, Jamaicans Should be More Open Minded to Spanish as Second Language – State Minister, Education Ministry Ramping Up Career Guidance Programme, JSIF Constructing Infant Department at Barrett Town Primary, Minister Says Every Child Must Benefit from Early-Childhood Education, Jamaican Educators Lauded for Spanish Teaching Methods, Four New Programmes Added to Community Colleges’ Curricula, More Early-Childhood Centres Under Brain Builders Programme, Female Wards and Parents Engage in Reintegration Intervention Session, Youth Leaders to be Trained as National Safety and Security Ambassadors, USAID Grants $67 Million for Youth Component of School Safety Programme, Chairman of ECC Calls on Jamaicans to Support Basic Schools on Labour Day, Younger Generation Must Know Nation’s History – Minister Henry, Education State Minister Condemns Killing of Teachers, Teachers Encouraged to Continue to Act As Positive Role Models for Students, Educators Lauded for Preparing Future Leaders, Let’s End Violence Against Children – Minister Samuda, Education Ministry Committed to Resolving the Sector’s Issues, Parents and Community Members Urged to Protect the Children, Youth Urged to Beware of Potential Dangers on Social Media, Workforce to be Equipped With Technical and Vocational Skills, Minister Terrelonge, signs Regional Caribbean Safe School Initiative, Gov’t Intensifying Zero-Tolerance Approach to Corporal Punishment in Schools, Educators Urged to Help Rescue Boys from Toxic Masculinity, Gov’t Maintaining Policy Implementation to Tackle Gender Disparity in Education, Campbell’s Castle School Community Welcomes New Building, Parents Encouraged Not to Isolate Children with Disabilities, Focus on Children With Special Needs in May, Refurbished Science Lab Handed Over to St. Catherine High, OEC to Build State-of-the-Art Multipurpose Facility, Nation’s Children Encouraged to Safeguard their Health, Lady Allen Lauds Schools Providing Meals for Students, ‘I Walk, Sleep, Talk, Eat Math’ - Former Counsellor Named Math Teacher Of The Year, Schools Encouraged to Partner in Projects to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Secondary and Tertiary Level Students Appointed Gender Ambassadors, Hundreds of Students to Participate in BPIAJ Summit, PM Reassures Leaders at Education Ministry and Agencies, Preparations for PEP Completed – Terrelonge, Young People Carry out Voluntary Work in Manchester, Education Ministry Pushes for Increase in Trained and Certified Persons, 91 Youth to Benefit from Empowerment Programme, Tuition-Free School coming to St. Catherine, Schools Must Get Permission before Hiring Temporary Staff, UTech and NCU Receive Institutional Accreditation, HEART/NTA to Expand Training in St. Elizabeth, Maths Teacher of the Year Expected to Make An Impact, Seven-Year Secondary-School Programme a Game Changer – Dr. McLean, Gov’t to Embark on Pilot Foster Care Project, Programme to Train and Certify Workforce to be Launched in April By Heart, Rock River Primary Gets Fully Equipped Learning Centre, Gov’t Increases Support for Students Under PATH, Gov’t Committed to Seven-Year High-School Expansion Programme, Don’t Gamble with Your Education – Terrelonge, Four Primary and Infant Schools in St. Ann to be Upgraded, Care Bear Early Childhood Facility Expanded, Education Minister says PEP Exam was a Success, Prime Minister Encourages Past Students to Give Back to their Schools, Educational Assessment Centre Opens in Mandeville, $371 Million for Education Transformation Programme, Heart/Trust NTA Ramping Up Training and Certification, Adequate Post-Assessment Procedures for PEP, Education Minister Salutes 2018 JTA Roll of Honour Awardee, Special Needs Students Will Be Accommodated for PEP, Church Urged to Help Provide Safe Homes for Children, PEP will Foster Entrepreneurship Among Youth – Minister Green, Jamaicans Encouraged to Create Safe Spaces for Children, Child Protection and Family Services Agency Observing Foster Care Week, Education Minister Highlights Importance of Brain Builders Programme, More than 150 Specialist Math Teachers to Graduate in June, $533M Spent to Build 69 Classrooms Since 2016, Petersfield High Reports Reduction of Violence Among Students, Minister Green Says Organisations Must Improve Efficiency, Education Ministry Committed to Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics – Senator Reid, More than 400 Schools Benefit from Repair and Expansion Works, Education minister reminds language teachers to upgrade skills, qualifications, NCEL partners with Caribbean Maritime University To execute Leadership Development Interventions, Service Clubs Encouraged to Strengthen Partnership with Education Ministry, Diaspora Urged to Support Pledge 2 Build Initiative, ‘I Am Purpose’ - Some 15 Schools To Benefit From Self-Empowerment Programme, PEP Authors Working To Meet New Standards, Education Ministry Launches New eLibrary Project, Education Sector to Play Critical Role in the Development of the Country, Community Colleges Undertaking More Research – CCCJ, National School Nutrition Policy Being Finalized, Funds Allocated to Complete Classroom Block at Little London High, Steps Being Taken To Fund Education of Students Up to Age 18 – Reid, Teachers Encouraged to Work with Ministry to Tackle Indiscipline in Schools, Alternative Pathways to Secondary Education Programme Fully Implemented, Subsidies for Students Sitting Exit Examinations in 2019, Cabinet Approves Full Roll-Out of Tablets in Schools Programme, Parents and Community Leaders Called on to Protect Children, PEP Exams to be Conducted over a Five Day Period in 2019, Education Minister Explains PEP Mock Exam Results, Education Minister Calls for Cultural Shift to End Corporal Punishment, Early-Childhood Practitioners Exempt from Certain Payments, Top performers In Education Ministry Recognised, Education Minister Lauds IPP for its Assistance, Education Ministry Embarks on Early-Childhood Master Teachers Programme, Parents Urged to Speak Out Against Corporal Punishment in Schools, 109 Specialist Mathematics Teachers in Training, Education Ministry to Implement Cluster Services Programme, Gov’t Boosting Internet Access in Primary Schools and Early Childhood Institutions, Cabinet to Receive Jamaica Teaching Council Bill for Consideration, Education Ministry Embarks on Tertiary Upskilling Initiative, Lady Allen Encourages Youth to be Their Brother’s Keeper, Education System On Track To Meet Global Standards - McLean, 57 Received PM Youth Awards for Excellence, Parenting Education Project to be Expanded, Specialist Science Teachers for Primary Schools, Gov’t Working Towards Having 300 Certified Basic Schools by 2019, PEP Mock Test Provides Opportunity to Raise Higher Order Skills – Green, Ministries Working Together to Promote Healthy Eating in Schools, Harsher Penalties Being Considered for Persons Who Harm Children, New Students’ Council Executive Urged to be Agents of Change, State Minister Green Appeals for Jamaicans to Report Cases of Child Abuse, All Basic Schools Must Become Certified – Senator Reid, Minister Reid Attends World’s Largest Lesson Event at the Queen’s School, Gov’t to Assist with Funeral Expenses of John Rollins Success Primary Students, Youth Groups to Receive Funding for Refurbishing of Basic Schools, Education Minister Says NCU’s Rescue Programme Should be Emulated, Students Receive Assistance from International Proxy Parents, Early Stimulation Strategy to Give Children ‘Best Start’ In Life, Education Ministry Partners with USAID to Promote Safe and Secure Environment, Government Committed to Protecting Children, Focus on Mental Health Issues for Youth Month, Enid Bennett High Motivating Boys to Achieve, Ministers Reaffirm Commitment to Ensuring Teen Mothers Continue Education, Contracts Signed for Tablets in Schools Project, Education Ministry Providing 300 Tablet Computers for Primary School Teachers, Education Ministry to Receive 10,000 ICT Devices, Education Ministry Accepting Nominations for 2019 Math Teacher of the Year, Gov’t Removing Bureaucracy to Deal with Children in Need of Care and Protection, Steps Taken to Ensure All Students Are Given Equal Opportunities, Nutrition and Medical Support During Pregnancy Critical – Senator Reid, Register Special Needs Students Early for PEP, CAP Creates Greater Opportunity For Youth - Reid, Gov’t Will Continue to Boost Investment in Education, NCB Foundation to Pay for More CSEC Subjects, Contracts Totalling US$30 Million Awarded Under Tablets in Schools Project, Education Ministry continues to provide NPL snacks to schools in all parishes *No directive given to use MannaPacks as substitute, BPO Training now Available at Trench Town Polytechnic College, Students Showing Improvement Under PEP Model, RIM Policy Implementation and Sensitisation Programme Launched, Students Could Do CXC Exams Online in Five Years – Minister, PEP Performance Task Pushed Back to March 2019, Education Ministry Increasing Uniformed Groups in Schools, Petersfield Primary Implements Activities to Improve Performance in Maths, Education State Minister Says Parent Places Are Needed At ECIs, Reading Critical for Positive Learning Outcomes, Prime Minister Welcomes Plans by UCC to Develop Global Academic City, 950 Primary Schools to Receive Tablets and Computers, More Early-Childhood Institutions Certified, State Minister Calls for Partnerships to Upgrade Early-Childhood Institutions, Teachers Must Customise Learning to Meet Needs of Students – Senator Reid, Minister Says School-Feeding Programme Progressing Well, Education Ministry Takes Holistic Approach to Addressing School Discipline, Education Minister Says Leaders Must be Prudent in Managing Resources, Youth Organisation Lauded For Assistance to Students, PEP Students Will Have Enough Materials – Education Minister, Mental Health Centre to be Built at Maxfield Park Children’s Home, Behaviour Change Programme to Help at-Risk Youth, Education State Minister endorses G20 Declaration on training for employment and sustainable development, More Public Education Needed to Raise Awareness about Mental Health – Reid, Education Minister Highlights Importance of TVET, Education Management Information System Being Developed, Give PEP A Chance to Succeed – Education Minister, Safety and Security Unit of Education Ministry Gets Support of US$3 Million, Literacy More than Reading and Writing – Senator Reid, Training For Unattached Youth at Renovated Red Hills Skills Centre, Time-Out Facilities to Help Students with Behavioural Problems, Runaway Bay All-Age School Gets New Classrooms, Education Ministry To Host PEP Workshops For Parents And Teachers, Michael-Anthony Dobson-Lewis | PEP A Step Up On GSAT, Education, Training Opportunities for Youth Involved in Crime, Education Minister Satisfied With Start of New School Year, Home-School Relationship Programme for St. James, Infants Who Enrol in Brain Builder Centres Stand A Better Chance – Education Minister, Education Minister Says All In Place for Smooth Start to New School Year, Curriculum Reforms Catering to 21st Century Learner – Green, PEP Sensitisation Sessions for Parents and Teachers, Western Schools Ready for New School Year, Cabinet Approves Contracts for Additional Textbooks, NPSC Ramps up Social-Intervention Machinery, ECC Calls on Operators of ECIs to Get Registered, Parents Encouraged to Take Advantage of Options in Purchasing Textbooks, Maths Specialist Conducts Lesson with Grade-Five Students and Teachers, Over 30 Youth Certified Under WROC Training Programme, 540 Participants Graduate from Youth Enrichment Programme in St. James, Education Ministry Expanding Behaviour Intervention Programme Roll-Out in Schools, Education Ministry Introducing Grooming Policy for Schools, Government Investing More Resources in Education, Education Ministry to Conduct Schools’ PEP Readiness Survey, State Minister Highlights Importance of PEP, More Early Childhood Institutions Being Certified, Minister Says PEP Will Create Inclusive Education System, Education Minister Hails Edna Manley College, PM Holness Encourages Society to Embrace Primary Exit Profile Examination, Licensing Regime to Professionalise Teaching, 100 Teachers Being Better Equipped to Impart Spanish, United Way and Partners Assisting Early Childhood Institutions, Needy Students in St. Catherine Awarded Scholarships, Education Ministry to Push for Greater Performance by Students, Public Sector Workers Not Required to Pay School Auxiliary Fees for Children.

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