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summer smallmouth river fishing

The North Fork of the Holston River and the Clinch River provide excellent smallmouth opportunities in Southwest Virginia. Summer smallies Summer in the Northwoods is a season of capitalizing on feeding windows and lake selection. The Middle Susquehanna begins around Great Bend, which is right at the PA/NY border. Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. This includes learning how to read a river, understanding the influence of current on smallmouth location and being able to effectively fish flowing water. Its generally aggressive nature, especially apparent in river-dwelling smallies, appeals to legions of fishermen. This setup is particularly effective in rivers, because it allows you to hold or "check" the rig to fish a key spot more thoroughly. In flowing water, summertime river smallmouth pull out all the stops. The stretch of river from around Lambertville and upriver from there provides excellent smallmouth bass fishing throughout the summer. Casting distance with a buzzbait can be increased substantially by removing the silicone skirt and replacing it with an aerodynamic soft plastic body, such as a YUM Houdini Shad or Berkley PowerBait Jerk Shad. Smallmouth bass favour rocky areas of lakes, especially points, and will set up over boulder strewn mid-lake shoals. A 2-pound, current-pumped smallie makes you think you've tagged a 4-pounder. The way fish react to a soft plastic jerkbait is nothing short … Smallmouths, however, have even less time to decide whether or not to strike the passing bait. A quick trip East towards the Middle Susquehanna brings upon some serious smallmouth bass fishing, and that’s what we’re talking about today. Smallmouth Bass can be caught from June through November, but Bronzebacks are the river's "Summer Fish". In just 90 seconds you have a powerful and safe cleaning solution. They will resort to eating insects during heavy hatches, but larger bass will frequently be located in or adjacent to areas with a heavy forage base like bait fish, crayfish or small eels… Check this excerpt and read the full article as well. In the summer time they will seek the shade provided by an overhanging tree, dock or boats. It’s deadly in cold water, dynamite mid-summer when the fish are roaming deep structure, and it’s also a killer bed fishing presentation. |   Similar to trout, they like to sit in places where they will be out of the current, but have the ability to shoot out and feed quickly and aggressively. Like largemouth bass and other members of the sunfish family, smallmouth bass spawn in late spring and early summer. If you have additional tips for our readers or questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. What makes spotted bass different also makes them special, and a lot of fun to catch, Learn to find and catch bass directly beneath your boat through the use of electronics. All year long. Mature bass will be more prone to feed during low-light periods like early morning, late evening and during overcast or even showery days, so plan fishing outings accordingly during the summer months. It’s no secret that swimbaits shine in cold water and they catch big smallmouth during the pre-spawn and late fall. Typically smallmouth fishing is very good well into September. After Smallmouth Bass spawn in mid-June, drift fishing around big rocks can land you a fish pushing 18 inches long. Although a tube is my choice in spring and fall, I've had far better success with a stickworm during summer. I don't like to crimp lead, due to the risk of weakening thin line. Smallmouth bass dine on many different insects, but their most common cuisine includes frogs, mayflies, grasshoppers, caddisflies, damselflies, dragonflies, hellgrammites, shiners, leeches and crawfish. Smallmouth Bass Night Fishing Smallmouth Bass are very well designed and able to detect shapes and movement, especially from lures that replicate the vibrations of a wounded fish. Ledges and boulder-laden pools and flats are great because they offer cover during sunny afternoons. However, this past year we put loads of smallmouth in the boat from Early May through November. By the time July rolls around, smallies have slipped into summer behavior patterns. He argues that the gap on the light-wire Mega-Lite is similar to that of a 3/0 Mega-Bite offset. Finding river smallies in winter requires covering a lot of water, but not always from the kayak. Follow us on facebook , [VIdeo] River and Stream Hopping For Smallmouth Bass, [Video] Searching For Smallies: The River Eddy, Brunner Island Power Plant Fined $25k For Susquehanna Smallmouth Damages, [VIDEO] Wacky Jigging With Mike Iaconelli: Catch More Bass When The Bite Is Tough. Bouncing his bait off a craggy shore, he drags it into the water, churning it past protruding rocks in fast water, and burns it across swirling current seams. Cast a lightly weighted or unweighted subtle softbait upstream of an intended target area so current carries it to fish in a natural drift, like the presentation of a nymph to a trout. The big discussion is over the legality for the public to wade in or walk alongside rivers. The bass are aggressive and need to feed a lot.The problem is that in most of the areas we think to fish, a lot of young, smaller bass dominate… He writes a dead-on accurate article on finding summer smallmouth bass in rivers. Fishing a quiet pocket behind a mid-river boulder or targeting the tailout of an island where two current seams come together is a good idea. The key is to offer bass an artificial that's natural in both appearance and delivery. To add weight in front of a lure, I use a 1/16-ounce Top Brass sinker (harder than lead so it isn't mashed by rock), set 6 inches ahead of the Dinger with a rubber Peg-It. Soft Plastic Jerkbaits – Reaction Strikes. Here's a sneak peak at my top 5 favorite smallmouth bass fishing lures for summer! He instructs anglers to make long casts, "peel" the lure back at 90 degrees to the river's flow, and use 40-pound braided line to ensure positive hook-ups in strong currents. (Photo by Tommy Braswell) Cyndy Thompson of Isle of Palms caught this 6¼-pound smallmouth from the Broad River in … Spring and fall are usually the best times to catch both numbers and size on most smallmouth fisheries, but summertime can still be one of the most fun times of year to target smallmouth in your neck of the woods. The focus here is on small to midsized rivers and free-flowing portions of larger rivers that feature hard bottom, good gradient, and lots of skinny water that can only be fished by wading, paddling, or jet-boating. And their aerial acrobatics leave me shaking my head, even after catching them for 30-some years. Small paddle-tail and stick worms, and soft jerkbaits work well on a drop-shot rig. Summer fishing on the Susquehanna requires local angling experience, so hiring a guide is highly recommended. The Delaware River is a world class smallmouth bass fishery. Choose your favorite blunt-ended worm and rig it for drifting. A 4-inch Senko-style soft plastic stick bait in the green pumpkin magic color rigged on a 1/8-ounce leadhead is tough to beat on the Green in summer. During hot, bright, summer days the fishing can be most productive early in the morning and again in the evening. Turner fishes a buzzbait all summer on the upper Mississippi River, where he fishes frequently. Locating quality smallies during the summer is half the battle. Read the original article by Blaine Mengel here. How To: Finding Smallmouth in Winter Rivers You’ll be more successful if you use baits that help Smallmouth see the lures most clearly at night, by reflecting light and creating vibrations. Smallmouth by nature, tend to be lazy fish when they are in a river, and prefer to use as little energy as possible when they are on the hunt.

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