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i think he's cheating but he denies it

The man is trying like Hell to cheat on you. Then he send friend request and they become friends. I mean who goes on there honeymoon and leaves his new wife in bed well your down at the bar getting drunk with another woman and going for a walk on the beach. Do you know deep down that something isn’t right with your marriage…but you’re scared to face it? Hi, If you think your husband is cheating on you, you may be picking up on subconscious clues that he is having an affair. I am having panic attacks all the time. I’ve been in therapy a number of times for various “issues”. He called her a lier and I beleived him. I wanted him to hurt the same way I was hurting, but I didnt want it to affect our kids. It’s sad…but the sooner you start dealing with it, the better. He promises to never do it again. I mean he has telling me stories that they went out with marines, or did that or third, but nothing about meeting or becoming friends with a female. the really take note of how exactly many profiles he had out there. Keep your head up and think about my advice a little bit because I think it wont hurt to clear your head before continuing this fishy situation. My husband is very smart so he can hide sum of the signs like wen he kums home he stil wants to hav sex but he always accuses me of things, he’ll kum home and look at the bed and snoop around, hes always saying im liying about sumthing or that im cheating. He also stayed at work more. I’m so tyred of watting for my husband to get intimate . I can’t predict if your husband will cheat on you, or lie to you. When i asked if anything happened with this girl he said no and that he is very happily married to me. Neuman also said that lying is worse than the actual cheating. In the end, there’s nothing natural about looking to plant 100 seeds inside 100 women. There was another married couple, her, and another female who was single. Sure some where calls i heard radio traffic, but after it was over several hours later not home. Well I’m going through a tough time now to be because I found out my husband was I forgave him for that because we were not a sure thing just yet. Lotsa Love You are absolutely right! I was able to be my own detective. On his skype I see a girl, who he met at the same time with me. THere have been many messages here tha tmake me want to pull my hair out because it’s so obvious! She replied asking him how is he emailing her from that email. And if hurting him means going through his wife I will….and I wanted to put him and every man like him in his place…I wish you much luck with your journey…. And the girl from the website i saw txt and emails *naughty pictures sent back and forth* and i did confront him about it because areound that time i found out i was pregnant. I don’t know what to do. What do you think about talking to a therapist, just to sort through your issues? He cuddles with me at night for about 5 minutes, never leads to anything sexual. Either you leave him or you learn to forgive and move on. It’s not a myth or a fairy tale. Recently he had to go out of town for work in the oil field for 6 weeks. She would critesise me on things like…If i see someone doing somthing wrong and I talk to her about it, she replies with something els I did wrong. They both apologized for not telling me. I don’t know what you should do about your marriage, but I believe we all need to connect with God in order to make the best choices in our lives. He goes over a friend’s house one night at 7PM and I don’t hear anything until 3PM the next day. He says he’s devoted to me, and if I give him another chance he’d be the best man he can possibly be. I could not handle the rejection from my husband . If the women told you that their relationship was more, I would consider that a red flag. May you talk to the right people, read the right books, and connect with the right sources of healing, courage, and strength. There is too much detail to go into on that. I cant tell if it just me being crazy hormonal or if im right. I asked him who was that name Vanessa written in his notebook, he said it’s his engineer. He says the new allegations are all in my head and that he does not know why I’m accusing him of cheating on me when he loves me so much. My husband started cheating when I left for a job. I don’t think it’s stupid to fall in love with a man, trust him, and believe that your marriage is healthy and happy. I am very paranoid with him around any female now but I don’t want to ruin what we have again. You may not need to embark on “couples therapy” — but maybe you and your husband need a little guidance on communication, trust, boundaries, and expectations. We were fighting a lot of the time but I still needed intimacy and he refused for months. But I should have known better coz I knew what his family like was. He finally deleted his Facebook account because it caused a lot of problems in our marriage. He left me briefly last November b/c he said we fought to much and he needed a break. He hasnt been with anyone sexually but me. If cancer can’t bring you down, neither will this! Very unfortunate. Chrissy, anytime someone breaks our trust especially in marriage, it’s like a two by four hitting us in the trust zone. He blames it almost all on his drinking and how after years it snuck up on him and he really didn’t think he had a problem. When You Have a Bad Gut Feeling About Your Marriage. He told me this that day a week later when I found her name in his address book. I thought I could trust her. We argue alot about this topic and now we lost respect and we hardly have any comunication we avoid each other. Your email address will not be published. Dear Jennifer, He’s done it before to make me hurt. He has told me he cares about her because she gets into trouble (she is a real gem – married, has a coworker boyfriend and has been through six men at work already). I don’t know if he’s cheating or not, but am 100% sure that this isn’t a good way to live! The bottom line is that I think he’s lying about cheating, and I think it has to do with not having conflict in your marriage. The separation will help me see things better, but I don’t want to be with him anymore. That he wasn’t happy etc. I do seem to remember at some point asking him if he still had feelings for her and he said no, it woukd never have worked or something like that. Witch makes me think if hes having a affair that its not physical but emotional. Are you an Australian resident? Prior to our move I found out he was having another affair with a coworker who was also scheduled to go to Atlanta. But for my own self I don’t want to do it as I don’t really want to read all that trashy stuff. I told him I don’t send those kind of things to my guy friends. It is on the other side of the fear of going through the imagined pain of splitting. Should I comfront him about it or should I dismised as a guy thing? Not much room for talking or any kind of intimacy! Then I see them both girls who has been messaging with him on facebook. They always do. Not sure what to do… Been with my fiancé for 4 years, we have an amazing little boy together. thank you. The only reason I found out was because I accidentally stumbled across the messages. My boyfriend of 3 years has always been a very loving and sensitive partner. I have been dating someone for 7 months. my new thing with him is that we are closing our personal facebooks, and i just made one for both of us. I have confronted him several times in the past and he always says that I’m full of it and he would never cheat on me. We had almost no physical intimacy (holding hands, kissing, etc) Does not keeping it a secret – not lying about cheating – make it easier for her to understand? My gut says he is still after her. Maybe your gut knows something that your heart doesn’t want to accept. He wasn’t treating me like before. After pointing his finger and shaking it at me, he went to take a bath then to watch TV in our livingroom. I confront him, he gets angry, gets the kids involved, they get upset, and he accuses me of ruining our family. I dunno who to talk to or just confront him cos he might leave me. Then I noticed that he messages or calls his roommate early in the morning like around the time they should be leaving for work. I tell him I love him. How to love your partner, plus tips for healthy love relationships. He used to talk to his Ex and I tried to trust him and I did until I read in one of the conversations he told her he is having feelings for her again. why he deleted some and not all? They just don’t know what a fraud he is. So I decided to look through everything and I found more photos and videos from his brother who is engaged to my sister. If you think he or she is cheating, he or she is, even if they deny it. It’s hard to pretend in front of our husband that we’re ok even we’re not but sometimes we need to be an actress in front of them. He says she hasn’t cheated on him since. I believe you know deep in your heart if you can trust your husband – as much as you know if you can trust anyone. But during the last time he moved in, I’ve found questionable text messages from co-workers, business cards from a co-worker (who was advertising massages), and while I was pregnant he went to a strip club. He slowly stopped talking to her so much and I thought things where getting better but then it seemed like out of the blue he broke up with me. I left my husband 5 years ago because I found out he was cheating and lying, and I am so glad that part of my life is over. That it must of been attached to a junk email he got. At first it is just a crap, basically how they both are and talk about their common friends. The only one that he doesn’t have is not being home all the time. Im a very gorgeous girl, and i feel he is lucky 2 have me but sometimes i feel he is cheating and lying about it. Again I’m 8 months pregnant he claims to be sorry. Yet he was earning nothing, in fact it was costing him to go to the office every day, money we didn’t have, with a brand new baby to care for… and yet as far as he is concerned, it is my fault. I married someone that I didn’t really know or understand. Woman up and have more self respect for yourself than you do. sometimes when we woman are too much questioning men we pushing them far. Who would have thought it would have taken getting divorced to wind up in such a situation? MY HUSBAND IS LESS ROMANTICE HE PULLS AWAY FROM ME WE ARE CONSTANLY ARGUING AND FIGHTING WE DONT HAVE ANYTHING PHYSICAL ANY MORE WELL AT LEAST NOT AS MUCH AS WE US TO I LOVE HIM BUT I FEEL LIKE HES CHEATING I DONT KNOW WAT TO DO HELP PLEASE. When he messaged back saying, cant talk. This couple, after meeting them, acted strange. He says it was only sex never went out or talked about anything else but work, since she went to his company to make a project and that was how they met each other, then he finished the affair. I’ve read emails and text messages my husband composed to someone. What do I do now? He’s not trustworthy enough to be responsible for that obviously. That she can't cast a spell over him. The problem is that we had moved and my husband had a new job when we got divorced. He chose not to communicate . His need for approval from people is so strong, he’s actually quite charming and funny to others. She was terminal and very sick. I know that I am not wrong, I know that even IF( big IF) he never slept with her, he had an intense emotional relationship with her, that superceeded ours by far, and that alone has ruined our relationship and our marriage, and I cannot let go of the it, I need to know the truth, and why! Thank you for sharing your experience here, with us. Things were going okay, until we started bowling and my husband got a strike and they ended up giving each other a high five. Subtle behaviors were happening. I feel like such a failure I miss being me and being happy : ( it should be a crime to cheat to rob your spouse and children of love and joy that you promised when you spoke vows. I have chewed my nails to bits over this issue, because I haven’t the tiniest clue how to approach this situation. How to Support Your Daughter in a Difficult Marriage. Since then he was sworn black and blue he’s never ‘followed through’ and it was only ever fantasy to get himself off. I was abused in every relationship i was ever in. I dont know why but for the first time in being together for 9 years I felt uneasy. I recently went to the dr for an infection and I was possatice for chlamydia. Where do I go from here if not out the door Sometimes we get “sick” along with our sick partners and it’s hard to see the truth. Which lead me to look at messages and find dialogs with more than one women. Guess who was included? It’s time you reassess yourself and really determine your self worth. She even went out of her way to pretend she was going upstairs to an office just so she can pass my husband. He asked me out a week or 2 later, and we hang out almost every day, and he picks me up. check his phone log, his emails, text messages. We’re barely past our first wedding anniversary. My dad was an alcoholic and kept my mom in total domination. What should I do? I been in a relationship with a man who is separated from his wife. I don’t know you, but YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT!!! Biology makes men want to have as many kids as possible, so they cheat with as many female partners as possible. You don’t need to bring children into this. 5 months into our marriage I find that he has the app Tinder on his phone, at first I didn’t open it up. At least if you want something exclusive with this man. I’m not saying he won’t be hurt at the suggestion, or insulted that you would think that about him, but he won’t immediately fly off the handle and attack you. We do not have any children nor is there anyone else living with us that I would be able to ask as well therefore; how is it that I am ACCUSING him?? The best way to know if you can trust your husband is if he takes himself out of possibly “bad” situations. Saying I love you and other intimacy stuff to another women on his gmail chat but he says he I does not tell me he loves me anymore even after I tell him. Get a New job or hobby and he will see you are not thinking about him. He has lied and betrayed me. He came out and told me. He said I wasn’t paying attention to him etc. Act like you are worth more than how he treats you. Too much at stake. Help knowing when to break up, so you can find a healthy relationship. He bought a smart phone and has security lock on it which make me so curious. With her Facebook page full of selfies with her and other men. They think they're slick, but just by thinking something doesn’t make it so. He became extremely aggressive and angry with me when I started accusing him of being way too involved with her. Are you ignoring red flags? Well, just recently he decides to come up to me and say that he thinks we should have an open realationship. Now I am pregnant and I still cant trust and believe him. She texts me a lot but not as much as she does him. He asked me if I put it there but I denied it. I can’t seem to make him understand that I need him to stop lying before we can regain any trust. Should I confront him and take my chances with getting an answer or just let it go until our time is up overseas? As a female I get sick and tired of other females male bashing. I even caught him and his woman making out in the back of our building…Next day he ask me whether I was going to tell his wife…U c I know his family…He put me in his mess, since I went to high school with his sis-in-law…and I still stay in touch with her…O, did I tell u, he assault me 3 years ago….to make story short I told his wife…..they went to the police to filed charges of hassasment, which later dismissed….I do not regret telling his wife….2 months ago I sent him a letter, he try to use the letter but it backfire, which force him to tell his wife of his cheating throughout the marriage….in the end I have the last words….why the wife stay is a million question. I thought we were okay. 3 third times a charm right. He even wiped his Ipad from everything you possibly can wipe. My husband would blame me for this. You’re stronger than you know! He had the ring on the finger, true, but you have no morales if you cheat with him. I just don’t know how to feel about all of this. No guy will work for sex in the way you are describing (unless it was really, REALLY great sex, and/or the guy is so horrible he doesn’t think he could get any, anywhere else, and even than, for a year like that, it would have to be something that keeps on getting better, or even great sex will get old). Research from the University of Guelph shows that people with sexual performance anxiety are more likely to cheat on their partners. You’re not just paranoid, he’s just a bad liar because the truth is he’s busy with a girl who isn’t you. I felt like the STUPIDEST woman alive!! HE WENT BACK HOME TO HIS WIFR IN N.C. AND LEFT MEH IGH AND DRY. Required fields are marked *. When confronted about having an affair he gets very defensive. Why would he need a picture of this girl, if the already has million pictures of herlself everybody to see? I regret to inform you that you speak the truth. Sometimes when he’s not at home I just sit and cry. I have been married for almost 3 yrs, been together for 5. I can’t help that . We never fight and we just never have any issues. I’ve have suspected my husband of cheating sooo many times, but never confirmed until three weeks ago. For kicks, I’m going to take a picture of him asleep in our livingroom. That means leaving him and not allowing it. I have felt like my husband has been cheating for year. It doesn’t fit his personality at all. You want to stay married. It’s definitely disturbing. Because I trusted him. It’s not going to change. Okay, well here goes. But I don’t think she know about a woman name Cecilia a woman he been with for the past 9 years. I also found he’d subscribed to a number of online cheating websites for married back to before he proposed to me. You are to good to spend your life being lied to he has broken his vows to you on more then one occasion. The first time i found out I took him back but told him if he didn’t treat me right I would leave. Something just feels off. married is something big thing in life, if you decide out of temper it will never come back to you. He waited 7 days to admit this, I remeber that night he came home, boy did he ever have amazing sex with me? We hope for the best, but don’t always get it. He is very much a go with the flow, take, take, take kind of person but polite in that manner to add to it. You need to walk away and let him work it out with his wife. He bails at the last minute with some lame excuse that makes you wonder where he really is. Since then he’s been super nice and sweet and my house is always clean. I know change can be scary but sometimes we have to walk through that fear to get something good on the other side. :). I have become very suspisious of him always calling him checking sms’s. We planned both of our children and as recently as yesterday he was talking about trying for a girl. Hi, I checked the phone a week later and the number still kept on coming up. When he came home we were talking and I followed him to his dressing room to put away some clean clothes and mentioned the missing gift garments. you don’t like the guy? He is a Godly man etc. first you are married for 8 yrs , 3 kids. He tells me 2 recieve his calls n do so many tins on his behave but why i’m i feelin dis way? I realized that after we got married. I apologize if I have offended any of you. Like two weeks after we got married we went on a honeymoon. You have not failed by giving love and trusting. Has he been faithful to you for the past ten years? There are no easy answers when you’re getting signs that your husband is cheating and lying about his affair – or his Facebook activities, or his relationships with coworkers. Am I really supposed to accept that his decision to stay with some woman in a company that was dead and had no money to pay him ruined our relationship, my trust of him, everything?

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