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da kine in a sentence

Format: Paperback. 2. For you Tuna fans out there, this bowl’s for you. Enriching your vacation with Hawaiian Pidgin places a twist on your total experience. thingamajig. Examples of Dakine in a sentence Add a sentence Cancel. hunglish. Similarly, grindz is Hawaiian slang for food and a term you will likely hear often! Rainbow’s? Can someone offer a few example sentences? Alternative spelling of da kine.Adjective (not comparable) 2. Da Kine Dictionary. en Tall are the camels, heavy are the kine, But this was Least of Little Things, O little son of mine! thingamabob. If you still do, now you will be able to expand your vocabulary beyond, "you know, da kine". Pronunciation of da kine with 1 audio pronunciation, 5 translations, 1 sentence and more for da kine. opensubtitles2. Because Pidgin, like other languages, is constantly evolving Da Pidgin Guerrilla asked people in Hawai‘i and beyond to contribute their favorite Pidgin words with definitions sentences and origins. More at cow. Our Dakine Shop Team is a great mix of young athletes from the Dakine disciplines Kitesurf, Windsurf, Surf, Mountainbike, ... How would you describe yourself in one sentence? if you used to live there, dis one gra book. We air-cheers'd our musubis. Vote & Rate 5. Lee A. Tonouchi y Da Pidgin Guerrilla. What does grindz mean? 1 Hawaii reports 66 new coronavirus infections statewide ; 2 Trump pardons 15, commutes 5 sentences, including GOP allies; 3 … HAWAI‘I Magazine reader Verlin Bulmahn e-mailed us with a question about da kine:Based on your Web article (and watching his TV show), I know Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and Beth Chapman’s business is named Da Kine Bail Bonds. What is another word for da kine? bail-bonds example sentences. Lee A. Tonouchi. He was also often caught uttering phrases like "I'm from Philly yo" _gjav on Mar 27, 2016. Pronounce word 150. Helpful. Thanks for contributing . Da Kine is one of our signature poké bowls here at the restaurant and it’s loaded up with fresh, cubed Ahi Tuna. Grind. I am from Maui, and I ordered this book just to see how things were in the writer's perspective. What does it mean to grind in Hawaii? It is a bastardization of "the kind" which comes from the Portuguese expression "o negocio" (the thing). Mar 7, 2019 - Explore Missy's board "All things DA KINE! 0 Comment Report abuse az;hawaii user. September 29, 2005. Find Words. Only in Hawaii. What does kine mean? use da kurlzz in a sentence, and da kurlzz example sentences 1. Grindz. Da Kine is a hawaiian "pidgin" meaning "whatchamacallit" or "thingamabob". Da Kine. Believe me, I am a pro at speaking Pidgen. In other words, the phrase "That jawn is the jawn" is a valid sentence, meaning "That thing is the best." 2.0 out of 5 stars Da Kine Dictionary. There are several brands of surfboard traction pads on the market, but the most popular brands include; Dakine, Pro-Lite, WaxMat, Cush, OAM and Famous. it can also be used as a place filler for "anytown, usa" Literally it would translate to 'that thing/person/place' Subscriber Favorites. I looked over at the truck next to me, and some local construction worker looked up as he was unwrapping his spam musubi. Garanz Ballbaranz... 5 people found this helpful. I enjoy every moment and always keep having fun ! Da kine wurd/frayze/turm uv da day: an den but! Visit a page 5. "OpenSubtitles2018.v3. Learn more.. Lee A. Tonouchi & Da Pidgin Guerrilla. Because Pidgin is constantly evolving, Da Pidgin Guerrilla asked people in Hawaiʻi and beyond to contribute their favorite Pidgin words with definitions, sentences and origins. Thank you for your kōkua." Bess Press, 2005 - Reference - 101 pages. Example sentences with the word bail-bonds. Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Example: Ho brah, where you like grind tonight? 0 Reviews. (pluralNoun) From Middle English kyn, kuin, kiin, kien, variant (double plural) of Middle English ky, kye (“cows”), equivalent to ky, kye +‎ -en.Alternative etymology derives Middle English kyn from Old English cȳna (“cows', of cows”), genitive plural of cū (“cow”). Hawaiian slang, "da kine" is a substitute word for almost anything. Add collection 200. Add a comment 10. haole (HOW-leh) – A Caucasian person, not including people of Portuguese descent. Some of this book made me laugh, but some of it was more silly, than actual words used in Hawaii. Plus, me having a Hawiian friand, and spending so much time with him, I have picked up some of his lingo and now I speek da kine. Sentences for Dakine. grinds – Delicious food. For example, ever heard a sentence ending with the word “was”? da-kind definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. Da Kurlzz gave an interview with " The Phoenix New Times " about the album where he states that many of the songs were influenced by older hip-hop and rock music like Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, and Guru. Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ/CC BY 2.0. Da kine is a Pidgin (Hawaiian Creole English) place holder. You are not logged in.. en Oh, brah, this cart is da kine!It' s the future kine. It’s exciting when a local compliments you with, “Eh, yo da kine…speaking, Pidgin.” References: Pidgen English Words, YouTube Video, Hawaiian Pidgen, Pidgen Language, Da Kine Pidgen, Hawaii Pidgen Slang, Vimeo Video Translations of the phrase DIO KINE from Croatian to english and examples of the use of "DIO KINE" in a sentence with their translations: Oduvijek je bio dio kine ! Whether it's used to tell someone to pick up their trash or to slow down when driving through a neighborhood, kōkua is a simple reminder that we are part of a bigger community and, as such, we should always be mindful of each other. I met a guy from Philly who over used "the jawn" so much we started calling him John. doodad. Surfboard-Wikipedia. Need synonyms for da kine? How to say da kine in English? dingus. See more ideas about marijuana, smoking weed, cannabis. Word Forms. Example: Da kine, pick up 12 pack green bottles and one pizza. Not a sentence, but I just remembered: one time, I was sitting in my car at the Waialae 7-11 unwrapping my spam musubi. Add thesaurus 100. en " Sine Your Pitty on the Runny Kine. Used in a sentence: "I noticed you picked up all your trash after you left the beach. This vanilla da kine is so cold that it gave me abrain freez when I ate it. Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2008. And we do a lot of it in Hawaii! Da Kine Dictionary: Da Hawai'i Community Pidgin Dictionary Projeck. Part of speech: Noun Sentence: "'Is this where you tell me I'm a scoundrel? grind – Eat. 5.0 • 2 valoraciones; $5.99 ; $5.99; Descripción de la editorial. hu Tevék, tehenek, vaskos-testesek, de minden élőlény között a szöcske legkisebb. Sentences. But even using Internet-based Hawaiian-English dictionaries, I cannot find the English translation for the word “kine.” Many companies have developed the harness over the years with major innovations coming from DaKine and Windsurfing Hawaii. Da Kine Dictionary. rubyfan on Mar 27, 2016. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Poke Bros YouTube Channel for more food porn awesomeness. Pronunciations. Meet Da Kine. It is meant to direct attention, request that someone bring you something, as well as the location of an object. 5.0, 2 Ratings; $5.99 ; $5.99; Publisher Description. da kine – A catch-all phrase that is often used to fill in a mental blank when talking, similar to “whatchamacallit”: Let’s go to da kine place we grind at last week. Da kine can be used as any part of speach (noun, verb, adjective), and generally signifies your mind temporarily went blank when trying to think of the real word. hu Ó, tesó, csinos kis szekered van! Sentence: "Eleanor wasn't diffusing, but she was using the conditioner Park's mom had given her." Such as "Hand me da kine over there," which would translate to "Hand me that thing." Verified Purchase. You'll enjoy each word used in a sample sentence as well. Dakine should be in sentence. hickey. Because Pidgin, like other languages, is constantly evolving Da Pidgin Guerrilla asked people in Hawai‘i and beyond to contribute their favorite Pidgin words with definitions sentences and origins. Because we already covered this- I'm the Han Solo.'" Members share their favorite recommendations - everything from the latest restaurants and shops, to the best hair salons… 5.0 out of 5 stars expatriate. thingumajig. How to use bail-bonds in a sentence. thingummy. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great - and not so great - in San Francisco and beyond. Windsurfing harness-Wikipedia. da kine: to Hawaiians, used to describe people/places/objects. Fetch me da kine in da kine . Da kine travels across Hawaiian culture. While Pidgin’ is usually known for shortening words, phrases and sentences, it is also famous for … ", followed by 116 people on Pinterest. The result is this illustrated collection, which also reveals where and when contributors wen grad. Translations. Noun A thing (used in a vague way to refer to something whose name one cannot recall) doohickey. Stuff like this is why I think "jawn" is the fuckin' jawn. Cows; cattle. Learning Da Kine Page 1 of 7 Learning Da Kine: A Filmmaker Tackles Local Culture and Pidgin Marlene Booth When Professor Kanalu Young and I first met, we were serving together as panelists for a media competition, judging among several grant proposals as to which would make the best films about the experiences of Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. To grind means to eat in pidgin! Why are you proud to be sponsored by Dakine Shop? Serendipity (page 241) - an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. Scoundrel (page 259) - an unprincipled, dishonorable person; villain. Add word 100.

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